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Bernadette Ward

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by Bernadette Ward - Wednesday, 8 October 2014, 10:21 AM
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October is the "Golden Month" in China, the time when the weather is good and there are many blue sky days.  It is also the month when the Acupuncture Foundation finishing students travel to Nanjing University to work in hospitals around the city of Nanjing.  Hospitals selected are academically and professionally linked to the well known Nanjing University of TCM.   

Our 2014 group are now in Nanjing, led by Mark,  and have started their clinical experience.  They will use their time there to work in busy clinics, attend specialist lectures in the University and have a little down time visiting the sites of the city and the wider Jiangsu province.

Nanjing University (NUCM) is a WHO collaborative centre, and Acupuncture Foundation have had dual agreements with the NUCM since the late eighties, when our first group travelled there.  Our agreements have been regularly updated  and the NUCM remains a strong and valued partner.

Having the opportunity to travel and work at the source of Chinese Medicine, experiencing how the traditional theories and practice have evolved to remain relevant in the world of the 21st century is a unique experience for any potential practitioner.  I am looking forward to reading the casework and reflective journals on their return.

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